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Hearing Resources

Free Information PackArafura Audiology and Alice Audiology wish to provide you with resources available to help you better understand the hearing loss and solutions.  On this page we preview some of the resources available and will direct you to where to go to receive more information.

  1. FREE Information Pack
  2. How does the ear work?
  3. General Practitioner resources
  4. Understanding Tinnitus and Treatments
  5. Office of Hearing Services Voucher Scheme for pensioners and veterans



Free Hearing Information Pack


We have put together a comprehensive Information Pack that provides you with information about hearing, hearing loss and solutions, including: -

  • 1-minute hearing test, so you can detect the signs of hearing loss in yourself or a loved one
  • Latest digital hearing solutions
  • Financial assistance available for people with hearing loss
  • Application for FREE hearing services for pensioners and veterans

Simply complete the form found here and we will mail your free information pack within a couple of days.


ear diagram
How does the ear work?


Before someone can fully understand their hearing problems and possible solutions, it is first important to understand how sound enters the ear and then is processed by the brain. This information can be found on our "How does the ear work?" page.


Understanding Tinnitus and treatments

Many people suffer from a prolonged or intermittent "ringing"in their ears, even when there is no source of such a sound. This condition can be incredibly frustrating for those who live with tinnitus. If you would like more information about the cause and treatments of tinnitus, you can read more here.


GP and ENT resources


Being a well respected hearing care provider, Arafura Audiology enjoy close relationships with many doctors and ENTs in Alice Springs and the Top End. Our audiologists routinely perform assessments to assist with the diagnosis of medical problems of patients.


Doctors can use the following services provided through this website: -

  • Order patient literature, such as Information Packs and OHS Voucher Scheme application forms
  • Order 'Patient Referral Pads'
  • Use our online 'Patient Referral Form'

Online hearing testsOnline Hearing Tests


We have provided two tests that will help identify if you have hearing loss. Our Tone Test helps identify high frequency hearing loss. Our self assessment test has been adapted from a UK study that provides an accurate assessment about whether hearing loss is affecting a person's life to the extent that they need to do something about. Click here to take free online hearing tests.

Office of Hearing Services Voucher Scheme


Previously called the 'Australian Government Hearing Services Program', this scheme ensures that the following groups ALL have access to FREE hearing services and FREE, entry-level digital hearing aids through the federal government.

  • Pensioner
  • Part pensioner
  • Veteran
  • Current servicing member of the Defense Forces
  • Australians under 21-years of age
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Read more about the OHS Voucher Scheme or download this Application Form.




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