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Hearing Organisations

Office of Hearing Services

Australian Government Hearing Services Program 

The Australian Government has a scheme to ensure that all Australians under the age of 21, pensioners and veterans have access to Free Hearing Services and heavy subsidised digital hearing aids. More information about the Government Scheme can be found at this site.



Cochlear Ltd

Cochlear Ltd

Connect your life to a world full of sound
Cochlear Ltd are committed to delivering revolutionary cochlear implant and bone anchored hearing technologies to help you enjoy, connect to, and interact with a world of sound. We would also like to thank them for information provided on this website.





Deafness Forum of Australia

Deafness Forum is the peak body for deafness in Australia. Established in early 1993 at the instigation of the Federal government, the Deafness Forum now represents all interests and viewpoints of the Deaf and hearing impaired communities of Australia.



Tinnitus SA

This organisation seeks to raise community awareness of tinnitus and provide comprehensive and impartial information, support and therapy options for people with tinnitus.


Hearing Aid Manufacturers




Siemens Hearing Instruments



Unitron Hearing


Phonak Hearing Aids

Sonic Innovations

Widex Hearing Aids



Seniors Organisations


South Cross Care (SA & NT)

Southern Cross Care Australia (Inc)

One of the largest providers of aged care accommodation in the voluntary, not-for-profit sector in Australia, with in excess of 16,000 persons being recipients of our care.





Seniors Information Service

The Seniors Information Service Inc.

The Seniors Information Service Inc. aims to maximise the independence and improve the quality of life of older people by providing access to free information about the services available to them.





Australian Government's premier source of information for Australians over 50. Seniors.gov.au provides you with a single point of access to Government and non-Government information and services for older Australians.



National Seniors Association

National Seniors

National Seniors is a not-for-profit membership based community organisation which has as its major objectives:

  • To provide economic and social benefits for people 50 years and over
  • Represent its members views to Government at all levels
  • To make donations and provide service and advice to charitable institutions assisting people 50 years and over




Industry Bodies

Audiology Australia

Audiology Society of Australia

ASA was founded in 1968 and has a current membership in excess of 1000 member audiologists. ASA Full Membership requires evidence of a Master's of Audiology degree (or equivalent) with a major in Audiology.



Australian College of Audiology

Australian College of Audiology Inc.

ACAud Members are professional practitioners who provide hearing care and are located throughout Australia and New Zealand. The aim of ACAud is to promote and develop the science and practice of hearing care through the education and support of its members.